Renault unveils a new family SUV concept car called Scénic Vision, equipped with a hybrid engine combining electric and hydrogen.


While the French manufacturer is preparing to stop marketing the current generation of the Renault Scenic, starting with the 5-seater version, then the 7-seater Grand Scenic version, the days of which are numbered, it seems that the model is not abandoned, since a new concept car called Renault Scenic Vision has just been unveiled in Paris.

This time, the Scénic Vision takes up the initial concept of the model (Scénic meaning « Safety Concept Embodied in a New Innovative Car »), and reinterprets it in the contemporary era by transforming it into a SUV familial, both sustainable and technological. There will indeed be many on-board technologies, some of which will enhance security.

renault scenic vision - electric car

Renault Scénic Vision: a style signed Gilles Vidal

4.49 meters long, 1.9 meters wide and 1.59 meters high, the first concept car born under the era of Gilles Vidal the new design pattern of the diamond brand, has a assertive style, with both clean and futuristic lines. It prefigures the production model which should land on our roads in 2024.

Gone are the boring family cars: there are the Renault’s new styling codes, which we discovered on the new Mégane E-Tech, with an SUV with angular lines, featuring a powerful horizontal bonnet and a distinctive light signature. The model is equipped with 21 inch wheels equipped with rims with movable flaps: when the car is moving, these close to optimize aerodynamics, while when the car is moving at less than 10 km/h, they open to cool the brakes.

renault scenic vision - electric car

Renault Scénic Vision: an interior designed for travel

The opposing doors open onto a resolutely futuristic cabin, equipped with four comfortable and enveloping seats, with padded cushions. The lighting atmosphere is neat, with a large glass roof and customizable LED lighting, while the driving position is futuristic.

There is a steering wheel in the form of a joystick, simple and uncluttered, while the dashboard incorporates a large screen, of reduced height but extra-wide, which displays information while allowing the driver to keep your eyes on the road. The small display screens next to the steering wheel are customizable, depending on the driver’s preferences.

Note that Renault has emphasized the use of sustainable materials : the Scénic Vision concept includes more than 70% recycled and renewable materials, including 100% recycled aluminum and carbon fiber, recycled polyester fabrics, as well as 95% recycled steel.

renault scenic vision - electric car

Renault Scénic Vision: an electric-hydrogen hybrid engine

Under the hood, the Renault Scénic Vision has a hybrid engine innovative, which combines electric motorization from 218 horsepower to a 40 kWh battery, all complemented by a hydrogen fuel cell of 16 kW allowing to supplement the autonomy for the long journeys. This configuration would make it possible to browse up to 800 kilometersthe equivalent of a Paris-Marseille.

renault scenic vision - electric car

The Renault Scénic Vision concept will give birth to a production version of the future Scénic by 2024 : this will be manufactured in the North of France, on Renault’s ElectriCity site.

Source : Renault / Byri                       Header / Images : Renault

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