Chinese car manufacturer GAC has released more information about the design of the TIME concept. The all-electric concept explores the future of luxury flagship sedans with an emphasis on aerodynamics.

GAC TIME Concept electric car

The GAC TIME has a teardrop silhouette with rounded shapes and smooth surfaces. The short bonnet leads to a steeply raked windshield and a sloping roofline culminating in a long tail end.

The aerodynamic shape enables a drag coefficient of 0.191 Cd. While this figure is quite low, it is not as impressive as the 0.17 Cd of the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Concept.

Large suicide doors and an upward-opening roof allow easy access to the interior. When designing the interior, the designers were inspired by objects such as the Klein bottle and the Möbius ring.

GAC TIME Concept - electric car    GAC TIME Concept - electric car

GAC TIME Concept - electric car     GAC TIME Concept - electric car

The digital cockpit consists of an OLED instrument cluster, floating infotainment touchscreen and yoke-style steering wheel. Finally, the white upholstery is combined with wood accents highlighted by gold and purple lighting.

Source / Images : GAC

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